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Universal Auction Model

Enhanced unified auction model that reduces revenue loss due to the traditional waterfall model

Universal Auction Model
30% increase in revenue

  • 01

    Highest Bidder Across Networks

  • 02

    Unified Auction Maximizes Revenue

  • 03

    Fair Mediation

Traditional Waterfall Model

  • 01

    Highest Bid From Preferred Network

  • 02

    Outdated priority and Fixed CPM settings

  • 03

    Biased Mediation

Daily impressions
Daily impressions
Integrated Networks
Integrated Networks
Apps and Websites
Apps and Websites
Years of RTB Experience
Years of RTB Experience


Core features and capacities of
Bidence Ad Exchange


Access over 200 billion ad requests per month for maximum scale.

The Bidence Exchange expands your ad reach to the whole planet and lets you attract premium inventory,leading to increased performance from every ad. Our massive collection of ad units ensures wide exposure and highly successful campaigns


Unique ad request optimization technology to maximize yield

With simple integration, you can access a massive number of DSPs in record time. Watch as our demand network turns your business goals – monetization, ad quality, user experience – into reality with the help of our optimization algorithm.

Ad Format

Access to Every Existing Ad Format











Banner Size

In App Mobile Web Desktop Web
320 × 50 320 × 50 728 × 90
300 × 250 320 × 100 970 × 90
320 × 480 300 × 250 300 × 250
480 × 320 320 × 480 120 × 600
- 100 × 100 160 × 600
- 150 × 150 300 × 600
- 200 × 200 200 × 200
- - 250 × 250

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About Us

Who is 'Bidence'?

Back in 2016 Bidence was among the early platforms in the digital advertising industry, and we have evolved drastically since then. The main concept behind Bidence is to connect publishers and advertisers. We provide access to advanced OpenRTB solutions, incorporating new developments in our tools and platforms. Join our powerful engine that drives change in the AdTech ecosystem and focus on quality, efficiency, and performance to rock the digital advertising world with Bidence solutions.

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